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Giving and Engagement in a Digital Age

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Giving and Engagement in a Digital Age

Kindred was thrilled to host a virtual fireside talk on “Giving and Engagement in the Digital Age” on November 30, 2020, to complement the spirit and enthusiasm for Giving Tuesday. This dynamic conversation offered a glimpse into how giving and engagement have transformed during the pandemic, when distance has pushed us to connect online.

A storied and dedicated panel shared ideas and experiences, and they invited participants to consider ways they can offer their time or financial resources to issues that reflect their passions.

Thank you to all our participants: Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President and CEO (MEDA);  Kim Lester, Associate Executive Director (Mennonite Central Committee Ontario); Barbara Chambers, Director of Communications (Abundance Canada); and Ken Ogasawara, Communications Specialist (Mennonite Central Committee Ontario). Kindred’s CEO, Ian Thomas, also joined the discussion and Amy Zavitz, Community Engagement Specialist, served as moderator.

If you were unable to listen live, you can find the recording of this discussion below. Consider sharing the recording with a family member, friend, or colleague!

Resources and Events

A number of resources and events were mentioned in the conversation, which can be found here:

Ben Janzen

Ben Janzen

Director, Values Integration / Kindred Credit Union Ben’s work at Kindred focuses on the development of programs that inspire peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. He has contributed to the credit union becoming a certified B Corp, a living wage employer, a solar power generator, a provider of new accounts for refugees, and the first financial institution in Canada to have all of its GICs validated as socially responsible investments.

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