Mar 04, 2021

Introducing the Community Inspiration Framework

Illustrated by Maya Morton Ninomiya

Kindred has a unique purpose, cooperative banking that connects values and faith with finances inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. It’s a beautiful promise and aspiration, meant to be lived out and experienced. But what does that look like practically?

We invite you to listen to a conversation, recorded on Zoom, between Ben Janzen and Amy Zavitz from our Values Integration team as they share about Kindred’s Community Inspiration Framework, a living guide for how we make this work tangible in the communities we serve. See the framework come to life through Maya Morton Ninomiya’s artwork as she captures the conversation through words and images.

The Community Inspiration Framework is one way Kindred seeks to inspire, and we invite you to connect with your local branch on how you can be part of living out Kindred’s purpose.


Illustrator: Maya Morton Ninomiya
Conversation: Amy Zavitz and Ben Janzen
Editor: Elias DeKoter
Music: “Acoustic/Folk Instrumental – Mumford & Sons Inspired” by David Hyde. Used with permission, Creative Commons license.

Amy Zavitz

Amy Zavitz

Community Engagement Specialist / Kindred Credit UnionAmy builds community partnerships, coordinates programs and philanthropy, and pilots new approaches to help Kindred live out our purpose of inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.

Ben Janzen

Director, Values Integration Ben’s work at Kindred focuses on the development of programs that inspire peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. He has contributed to the credit union becoming a certified B Corp, a living wage employer, a solar power generator, a provider of new accounts for refugees, and the first financial institution in Canada to have all of its GICs validated as socially responsible investments.

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