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12 Days 4 Good

The #12days4good social media campaign was first launched by House of Friendship, inspired by the giving spirit during the holiday season, inviting local communities to give back through simple good deeds for 12 consecutive days in December. Simple good deeds can impact our communities in amazing ways!

When are this year’s “12 Days”?

This year, #12days4good begins on Monday, December 4 and runs through Friday, December 18. During this time we invite you to visit the hashtag #12days4good to check out the good deeds of our Do Gooders. If this inspires you to do some good, be sure to tag us @KindredCU and use the hashtag #12days4good so we can follow along!

What is a Do Gooder?

Do Gooders participate in the campaign by promoting good deeds and supporting local charities, and documenting the process in their Twitter feed.

Below you can explore this year’s Do Gooders, follow them on Twitter, and check out their good deeds!

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement is a dynamic community and space on the University of Waterloo campus, located at Conrad Grebel University College, home to peace-oriented innovators, and established organizations from the region’s vibrant peacebuilding field. The common goal of advancing peace collaboratively and creatively is the lifeblood of the Centre for Peace Advancement’s unique working community. The Centre’s programs—the Grebel Gallery, the Epp Peace Incubator, and the Core Collaborators program—act as its vehicles to advance expansive and innovative understandings and practices of peace locally and globally. Beginning with a $1 million dollar transformative gift, the Centre benefits from an ongoing partnership with Kindred Credit Union.

Good Deed: The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement is releasing a Peacebuilders’ Inspiration Toolkit, a web-based resource by peacebuilders, for peacebuilders. This resource will be a compilation of recommendations made by those in the Centre for Peace Advancement Community—pieces of literature, art and media—that inspire them to keep working to make the world a better place. The purpose of this collection is to encourage changemakers in these uncertain, often disheartening times.

Connect with the public libraries and public art galleries of Cambridge. Idea Exchange supports and inspires our community with an environment of discovery for people of all ages from five locations. Within Idea Exchange, Cambridge Art Galleries serves our regional and broader communities through contemporary art exhibitions that foster critical cultural dialogue and public programs that embrace, engage, and empower people of all abilities.

Good Deed: Give someone you care about (or yourself!) a boost with a Winter Wellness kit, available for free at all five Idea Exchange locations. Inside you will find a selection of goodies designed to help you beat the winter blahs, including an inspiring zine, a beaded keychain craft, and herbal tea. Pick up yours starting December 8, while supplies last.

Combining software with expert advice, Lunaria offers complete diversity, equity and inclusion solutions that drive real returns. From the initial audit, to the development of policies, to employee education, all the way through to tracking and analyzing your progress (and making recommendations based on what we find), we’re here to support you from start to finish. 

Lunaria is Waterloo-based, women-led and Black-owned.

Good Deed: As a company, we strive to help brands and people flourish. In recognition of the times, we’re using our day4good to spotlight three nonprofit organizations/agencies that are helping people flourish right here at home in Kitchener-Waterloo. Tune into our social media on Wednesday December 9th to learn about these do gooders supporting our community.

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is an international economic development organization whose mission is to create business solutions to alleviate poverty. We work with 664 project and investment partners in 58 countries to help 1.9M direct and indirect clients unleash their potential to earn a livelihood, provide for their families, and enrich their communities. Donations to MEDA are multiplied in impact up to seven times. MEDA has offices in Waterloo and Ottawa, ON, Washington, DC, and Lancaster, PA, and internationally.

Good Deed: MEDA’s Women Empowering Women (WEW) giving group will be encouraging donations to organizations in the Kitchener-Waterloo region that address domestic violence issues.  

Pastors in Exile (PiE) is an Anabaptist-rooted movement that is passionate about connecting young people in Waterloo Region with vibrant faith experiences outside and inside of church walls. The work of PiE includes facilitating groups and events, hosting retreats, providing pastoral care for young adults in our community, engaging in intergenerational dialogue, and supporting young adults to find a spiritual home. To learn more about PiE’s current activities, visit Follow PiE on Instagram @kw_pie. Connect with us on Facebook as PiE-Pastors in Exile. 

Photo credit: Dave Klassen

Good Deed: We will be creating a digital resource to launch on December 11th called “Christmas, COVID, and Climate Justice.” This resource will have ideas for celebrating Christmas 2020 in meaningful ways that are also COVID safe and climate friendly. We will distribute this resource on PiE’s social media platforms and to KW area churches. 

Sanguen Health Centre is a Hepatitis C organization that provides comprehensive care and support to those experiencing extreme marginalization as a result of their substance use, mental health, homelessness and poverty. All of our services are offered through a harm reduction lens. Sanguen’s multidisciplinary teams offer HepC treatment, nursing and primary care support, peer support, social support and coordination and extensive outreach services.  Sanguen also offers outreach in the form of the Community Health Vans, which provide access to clothing, food, personal care products, harm reduction supplies, naloxone, as well as access to nursing and social support staff.  The Primary Care Bus offers a mobile clinic and medical/social support. Sanguen operates in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge.

Good Deed: Sanguen will be giving out Stocking Stuffers this year on our van service for the #12days4good campaign. Our team will be filling decorated bags with hygiene items such as socks, gloves, toques, toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, hair brushes, shampoo, along with seasonal holiday treats such as chocolates, candy and clementines. Much of what we are able to give out on van is donated by community members and fellow organizations.

Borealis Grille + Bar is a restaurant that serves the very best of locally crafted foods and beverages at everyday prices. We bring “The Taste of Ontario”, the highest quality of fresh products from Ontario farmers, breweries and wineries to our guests each and every day. Combined with a deep respect for local heritage and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication for sustainability, Borealis represents the embodiment of our BCorp philosophy, being the change we want to see in the world. 

Borealis photo

Good Deed: Borealis Grille + Bar is excited to partner with the United Way for this year’s #12days4good good deed. On December 13th, donate $10 to the United Way and receive a $10 voucher to our restaurant for your next visit! 

Established in 2002, Diva International Inc.’s founders, Francine Chambers and her daughter, Carinne Chambers-Saini, have become disruptors in the menstrual care industry, passionately following their dream to create a menstrual cup, a healthy and effective alternative to disposables. Their product, the DivaCup, is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and pads, offering up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. As a Certified B Corp Diva is committed to sustainability and its social impact program, DivaCares. DivaCares establishes meaningful partnerships globally to address issues of period poverty, accessibility, menstrual equity, and education. Over the course of the program’s first year DivaCares diverted the use and waste of 3.6 million disposable menstrual products by donating over 15,000 DivaCups (equal to over USD $600,000), which helped to serve over 180,000 periods worldwide. As Diva believes that menstruation should be a fact of life, not life-limiting, the company is passionately committed to breaking taboos surrounding menstruation worldwide.

Good Deed: On December 14th, Diva International’s social channels will act as an advocacy platform to highlight the work of local menstrual equity organizations in the Waterloo Region. Each of these organizations champion menstrual equity every day. Join us in elevating the work of the menstrual equity movement in Waterloo Region through simple acts including menstrual product donations, purchasing grocery gift cards and simply having the conversation with friends and family. Together, our voices can help reduce stigma and lower the barriers to accessing menstrual care products. Because when you lift individuals out of period poverty, you empower them to live a life without limits.

Community Justice Initiatives Waterloo Region (CJI) is a non-profit organization known world-wide for starting the first modern Restorative Justice program. Restorative Justice is a way of addressing conflict and crime that engages the person who caused the harm, people who were affected by the harm, and the community. During our 40+ year history, we have continuously responded to community needs by creatively, and innovatively applying restorative justice principles to new problems. We believe the only limit to the power of restorative justice is the capacity of the human heart to change and grow. We provide conflict resolution services, support for people impacted by sexual trauma, assistance for families involved with child protection, reintegration support for adults returning to the community from prison or custody, and integration support for newcomer Canadian youth.

Good Deed: CJI staff and volunteers will be designing and delivering holiday cards to older adults involved in our Elder Mediation Services. We know that older adults in Waterloo Region are particularly isolated right now due to the pandemic, and we hope that we can bring some feelings of hope and joy to them during the holiday season by showing that we’re thinking of them.

Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that has been helping people in Waterloo Region live sustainably for 20 years. Our programs on home energy efficiency, water conservation, healthy yards, and waste reduction empower participants to take action. We believe that by acting today, we can leave our children a community that is more resilient, vibrant, caring and sustainable. 

Good Deed: 2020 is year of highs and low, hellos and goodbyes. The journey of Reep Green Solutions has led us to say goodbye to our Frederick Street Office and the neighborhood friends we’ve made there. Our good deed is an investment in the future of our community through a $300 donation to our friends over at the Healing of the Seven Generations, down on Frederick Street in Kitchener. We hope this small step can aid in our continued effort to foster reconciliation locally and contribute to the mission of the Healing of the Seven Generations.

The Coalition of Muslim Women of KW (CMW) is well-known in Waterloo Region for its ground-breaking work on hate crimes and Islamophobia, innovative programming, high impact large scale public education events, partnership and collaborations, community engagement, and building Muslim women leadership from the ground up. CMW provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, and leadership and skills development for Muslim women while addressing issues of racism, discrimination and Islamophobia through education, advocacy, outreach, and bridge building.

CMW Volunteers

Good Deed: CMW is aware of the immense burden of isolation that the elders in our community are carrying. We will be asking our volunteers and community members to write cards with message of hope, comfort and cheer for our community’s elders. 

Kindred Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative based in Kitchener, Ontario. Kindred’s values-centred approach is woven into everything we do and makes us the one-of-a-kind choice for people across the province who want to connect their values and faith with their finances.

Kindred has eight full-service branches in southwestern Ontario offering a complete range of banking, investing, and borrowing products and services.

To learn more, visit

Good Deed: Join us today in celebration! To conclude #12days4good, we’re publically sharing the recipients of our 2021 Kindred Charitable Fund. We’re excited to see the impact that this year’s grant recipients will have in our communities. Follow along!

How can I become a Do Gooder?

If you’re interested in becoming a future Do Gooder please contact Amy Zavitz, Community Engagement Specialist, at