Oct 15, 2020 /

2021 Calendar Contest Winners

Earlier this year—a year like none other—we launched our 2021 calendar contest. We decided to showcase our modern makers, acknowledging that in times of uncertainty, we tend to look for hope and joy in the world around us. This year’s calendar showcases how the gifts shared by our modern makers can inspire and offer comfort during challenging times.

We received 75 entries this year, more than any previous calendar contest in memory! We were delighted to receive so many great stories, accompanied by beautiful photographs, and it was wonderful to see how members are expanding their creative pursuits to seek solace, offer gratitude, and bring joy to others.

Each winner received a $100 cash prize. In addition, Kindred was pleased to donate $500 to The Working Centre in support of its modern makers, people using their talents for good through a number of Working Centre programs such as the Commons Studio, BarterWorks, Community Gardening, and the Green Door Arts Space.

You can pick up a copy of our 2021 Modern Makers calendar when you have essential business at your local branch. If you don’t have an essential reason to visit the branch, please contact us at 888.672.6728 or info@kindredcu.com to discuss alternate arrangements.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are the winners of the 2021 calendar contest:

  • Sheila de Peuter
  • Linda Enns
  • Sarah Gingerich
  • Renske Helmuth
  • Andrea Hildebrand
  • Julie Hildebrand
  • Dorothy (Dot) Kohler
  • Sarah Martin
  • Paola Novella
  • Allison Petrozziello
  • Kristen Schiedel
  • Alyce Steinmann