Fraud Alerts

Aug 31, 2022 /

Protect yourself from Fraud – don’t be spoofed!

Cyber criminals use spoofing to fool victims into giving up sensitive information or money or downloading malware. Spoofing is when a cyber criminal creates a website that looks like Kindred’s by using similar URLs, colours, logos, and designs. Cyber criminals hope that you fall for their trick so that you enter (and give up) your personal information or online banking access credentials. As a best practice, Kindred strongly recommends that you visit and bookmark our home page rather than using a search engine to visit the page. From Kindred’s home page you can click the Login button to enter your credentials and access online banking at

Jul 26, 2021 /

Watch out for Fake ‘Kindred’ Phone Calls

A small number of non-members have alerted Kindred to fraudulent phone calls they have received where callers claim to be Kindred staff members. 

This is a case of telephone “spoofing”, when fraudsters alter the Caller ID to show a different number so they can mislead the call recipient into believing that the call is either local and/or from a trusted organization.

At this point, we have not seen a direct impact to any Kindred members; however, it is possible that a spoofed call reaches a member. Kindred staff members will never ask you to disclose your password / Personal Access Code (PAC) or debit card PIN. 

If you receive a call that you believe may be fraudulent, please end the call and contact Kindred at 1.888.672.6728.