Church Builder 25th Anniversary Contest

Your church and the community you serve are wonderfully complex, like a puzzle. You have a vision for your community, and the puzzle is only complete when all the pieces are in place. Some of the missing pieces in our communities today are food, housing, and even belonging.  While churches continue to make a positive impact in these outreach areas, it has become increasingly challenging with Canadian churches seeing a significant decline in revenues over the last two years1

Since our founding in 1964, Kindred has been helping churches and communities put some of these puzzle pieces together. In addition to providing churches with low, or no fee, everyday banking and cost-saving church mortgages, our unique Church Builder GICs provide churches with another fundraising option through the giving of bonus interest2,3. And in 2022, we’re celebrating 25 years of Church Builder GICs by giving away $25,000 (five $5,000 grants3) to help churches address community food security and safe and affordable housing.

It’s easy. All you need to do is answer this question: How would your church use $5,000 to address community food security or safe and affordable housing in your community? 

Community Food Security

Does your church engage with food banks or school nutrition programs to improve access to healthy food and contribute to the development of a sustainable food system? From farms to food banks, community gardens to grocery distributors, the food systems in our communities are key to our health and well-being.

Safe and Affordable Housing

Does your church sponsor newcomers to Canada or have an outreach program recognizing the challenges of homelessness to advance the availability of affordable housing in our communities? From homelessness and rent affordability for those on fixed incomes, to the need to provide adequate homes for all, Kindred recognizes safe and affordable housing as an urgent need where we can have an impact. 

1 – Waybase Spring 2022 Nation survey results: The future of Christian churches and ministries

2 – See below for a definition of Bonus Interest

3 – Recipients of bonus interest or grant must be Ontario-based and be a church or church-based organization. Registered charitable status is preferred.

What is Bonus Interest?

Since it’s tied to an investment, we call it Bonus Interest – it’s really a donation. For every $100,000 that someone invests in a Church Builder GIC, Kindred donates $250 to the church or church-based charity of their choice. If a church has funds to invest – a capital campaign, for instance – they can direct that donation to themselves. That’s like receiving a premium interest rate on your investment!

Learn more about Church Builder GICs, download resources to help spread the news with your congregation, and hear from some bonus interest recipients by visiting

How to Enter

Anyone can enter to win one of the five $5,000 grants on behalf of their church. You do not need to be a Kindred member to participate. Enter in one of two ways:

1. Post a short video nominating your church on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #churchbuilder25.

2. If you aren’t on social or are unable to create a video, you can enter in writing by filling out the form below.

Submissions will be accepted between September 1 to October 31, 2022. See full contest rules.

Example Entry:

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