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Whether you’re the treasurer, lead pastor, administrator, or a friend of these folks, you’ll benefit from Kindred’s free, simple-to-use church finance toolkit.

  • Stop worrying about your church finances
  • Assess the best way to move forward post-pandemic
  • Learn effective approaches to manage your budget
  • Help your congregation understand your ministries and their impact

The Free Toolkit Includes:

Online Giving for Congregations

This document is to help congregations consider the opportunities involved in providing electronic giving options to worshippers.

Screenshot of a online giving help for congregations
Screenshot of the church finance check-up guide

Church Finance Check-up Guide

This worksheet will help you reflect on important stewardship questions as you right-size your church’s finances post-pandemic. Ex. How much are our bank fees? How much are we paying for our mortgage? Do we have credit cards in the church’s name?

Narrative Budget Report Explainer

Learn why a narrative budget is a great option for shepherding your congregation. Follow step-by-step instructions on how to get started with your congregation’s budget.

Screenshot of the narrative budget report explainer
Screenshot of a line-item budget report

Line-Item Budget Report Template

See an example line-item budget report and customize this template for your church.

Narrative Budget Report Template

See an example narrative budget report and customize this template for your church.

Screenshot of a narrative budget report
Screenshot of a best practices for offerings document

Best Practices for Handling Offerings

Learn some helpful ways to ensure the safety of both the money donated to your church and the people collecting it.

Best Practices for Year Round Stewardship

By reviewing these practices, pastors and lay leaders can better identify two to three areas they may want to focus special attention on next year as they develop their congregational stewardship plan.

Screenshot of a best practices for year round stewardship
Screenshot of Stewardship Ministry Teams document

Stewardship Ministry Teams

What we call our teams or committees says a lot about them and what we want them to accomplish. How does your church think about stewardship, generosity, or finances these days?

Creating and Managing a Benevolence Fund

This guide is designed to help congregations start or update a benevolence fund policy so they can adequately respond to people in financial need. This guide also provides help on managing the fund wisely and responsibly.

Screenshot of a best practices for creating and managing a Benevolence Fund
Sample Above-budget fundraising and special gift policy

Above-Budget Financing and Special Gift Policy

This is a sample policy document helpful for those who you wish to donate to a non-budgeted organization or individual through the congregation.

Designated Gifts Policy Guide

Encouraging generosity and inviting people to donate to ministries often results in people “designating” their gift. Designating a contribution is the act of stipulating that donated funds may only be used for a specified purpose. Here are some guidelines.

Screenshot of a best practices for creating a Designated Gifts Policy Guide
Sample Faith Communities Mission Trip Policy

Faith Communities Mission Trip Policy

Short-term mission opportunities also form bonds between team members that are tangible expressions of community within our congregation. Successful short-term mission trip will have policies in place from the outset. Here are some suggestions.

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