Mar 02, 2022 /

NEW App Coming Soon!

Over the last year or so we’ve been building and developing our digital channels to improve mobile and online banking for our members and to provide Kindred a strong foundation for future development. In 2021, we launched a new mobile app for personal members in January, a fully redesigned website in May, and an upgraded online banking platform in October. Thank you for your understanding as we navigated these changes together!

We’re excited to announce that we’re planning to release a new app to consolidate usage for personal and business members on March 15.

A better banking experience

The new app will offer increased speed and stability, giving you fast and reliable services however you choose to do your banking. The app’s fresh, modern look will translate into a more intuitive, user-friendly experience. This new platform increases Kindred’s ability to implement future enhancements that will continue to improve your banking experience. Plus, the new app reflects the latest accessibility standards, making mobile banking easier for all our members. 

Ensuring a Smooth Transition for those already using one of our apps:

The new app will present two different member experiences, depending on which app you’re using today. Please take a look at your device to confirm your current app and see below for the information that applies to your situation.

If your current app icon shows “Kindred CU – Legacy”:

On launch day, an update will be required. If you set your mobile device to ‘upload updates automatically’, the updated version will be installed in the background, and you’ll simply need to log in with your online banking credentials.

If your current app icon does not show “Legacy”:

This version of the app will stop working on March 15. You’ll have to download another version of the Kindred app so that you can continue banking on your device.  Visit the Google Play or Apple App store on or after March 15 and search for Kindred Credit Union. Once you’ve downloaded the new app, you may need to log in again with your Access Card Number and Password (PAC) in order to use it.

Thank you for joining us on our digital journey. By expanding choice and access, we’re inviting those who wish to connect their values and faith with their finances the option to experience Banking with Purpose wherever they’re at!

As always, please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

Need help? During business hours, please call our Member Contact Centre 1.888.672.6728 or our after hours support line at 1.888.273.3488

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