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Share Newsletter: Winter 2020

Share Newsletter: Winter 2020

Share newsletter helps you stay current with the latest news and information from your credit union community. Here’s what you’ll find in this edition:

  1. A Year of Hope: Our Modern Makers Calendar
  2. Year-End Checklist: Investing
  3. Serving You Better
  4. Protect Your Email, Protect Your Security!
  5. Council of Members Seeking Volunteers
  6. Let us know what you think of Share Newsletter

A Year of Hope: Our Modern Makers Calendar

Earlier this year—a year like none other—we launched our 2021 calendar contest. We decided to showcase our modern makers, acknowledging that in times of uncertainty, we tend to look for hope and joy in the world around us. This year’s calendar showcases how the gifts shared by our modern makers can inspire and offer comfort during challenging times. 

We received 75 entries this year, more than any previous calendar contest in memory! We were delighted to receive so many great stories, accompanied by beautiful photographs, and it was wonderful to see how members are expanding their creative pursuits to seek solace, offer gratitude, and bring joy to others. 

Each winner received a $100 cash prize. In addition, Kindred was pleased to donate $500 to The Working Centre in support of its modern makers, people using their talents for good through a number of Working Centre programs such as the Commons Studio, BarterWorks, Community Gardening, and the Green Door Arts Space. 

You can pick up a copy of our 2021 Modern Makers calendar when you have essential business at your local branch. If you don’t have an essential reason to visit a branch, please contact us at 888.672.6728 or to discuss alternate arrangements. 

Rising Moon Gallery 

Andrea Hildebrand, featured in July in our 2021 calendar, opened Rising Moon Gallery in Waterloo early in 2020, only to have to close shop during the pandemic lockdown. Since people weren’t able to freely visit her gallery, she had to create new opportunities to share her work and engage with the community. This led to a new venture where she was able to share her pottery and jewellery in an outdoor setting, along with the 12 other local artists that she represents in her gallery. As Andrea told us: “Beauty has the power to gently shift our thinking away from fear and grief. It’s my great honour to offer grace and hope to my community through art.” 

Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are the winners of the 2021 calendar contest: 

Sheila de Peuter 
Linda Enns 
Sarah Gingerich 
Renske Helmuth 
Andrea Hildebrand 
Julie Hildebrand 
Dorothy (Dot) Kohler 
Sarah Martin 
Paola Novella 
Allison Petrozziello 
Kristen Schiedel 
Alyce Steinmann 

The Spirit of Giving

We’re excited to launch #12days4good on December 7. This social media campaign will run until December 18, and it will feature a variety of organizations that have signed on to promote the spirit of giving this Christmas season. 

One local DoGooder partner will take the lead each day of the campaign, spreading the giving spirit via social media. This year’s DoGooders include: Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement; Idea Exchange; Lunaria Solutions; MEDA – Women Empowering Women; Pastors in Exile; Sanguen Health Centre; Borealis Grille; Diva International; Community Justice Initiatives; Reep Green Solutions; Coalition of Muslim Women of KW; and, of course, Kindred Credit Union

Check out our partners’ plans for their good deeds on, and keep an eye on their social channels starting December 7. And, don’t forget to join the #12days4good conversation @KindredCU on Twitter. 

We’re So Thankful for You!

Congratulations to Nancy and Helmut Ostermann who were presented with their Grand Prize by Waterloo’s Financial Planner, Darcy Hermary. 

International Credit Union Day looked a bit different this year, as we were unable to host members in our branches with treats and fellowship. And, while we missed this opportunity to see you in person, we wanted to touch base, recognize your contribution to our thriving credit union, and thank you. 

To show our appreciation to our credit union members, we distributed more than 75 prizes worth over $5,000 including two $500 Grand Prize Baskets! These B Corp themed baskets included a variety of sustainable goods, housewares, and awesomeness from a bunch of businesses that are using their business as a force for good. 

Fall Financial Update

We’re pleased to let you know that Kindred is weathering the pandemic very well. To the end of October 2020, we’ve experienced loan growth of over $109 million and deposit growth of nearly $178 million, continued to support our communities with over $255,000 in charitable giving, and welcomed over 1,450 new members—a Kindred record!


Year-End Checklist: Investing

The end of the year is upon us, and that means it’s time to consider your annual RRSP and TFSA contributions. Let us help you check investing off your to-do list, and help you save taxes along the way! 

Together we can review your options, set up your RRSP investment or plan for your 2021 TFSA contribution. And in these challenging times, we can meet in whichever way works best for you: by phone, over Zoom, or a physically distanced in-person meeting. Call your local branch and speak with a member of our Financial Planning Team to get started today. 

Make investing work for you! 

Putting some money aside each month really adds up! If you act on only one idea here, make it this one. Set up automatic bi-weekly or monthly RRSP or TFSA contributions so you can stop procrastinating and make it easier to reach your savings goals. 

Contributing your maximum is essential to taking full advantage of your RRSP. If you don’t have the cash available, ask us about the benefits of an RRSP loan or using a line of credit. And, when your tax refund comes, use it to pay down the amount you borrowed. 

If you’re the family’s higher income earner, you can invest some or all of your contributions in a spousal RRSP and claim the tax deduction. 

Name a beneficiary for your RRSP or TFSA. If you specify your spouse or a dependent child/grandchild as the beneficiary, your investments will transfer tax-free. 

Starting early means you’ll get time and compounding working for you. And, that can make a big difference to how much you need to save over your lifetime. 

It’s Easy to Switch to Kindred!

In just a few minutes, ClickSWITCH® helps you move all your direct deposits and recurring payments from another financial institution to your Kindred account. Simplify your finances by using ClickSWITCH to consolidate all your daily banking with Kindred, where you can experience Banking with Purpose wherever you’re at!


Serving You Better

In partnership with our branches, Kindred’s Member Contact Centre is committed to serving your daily banking needs with convenient and knowledgeable service. We’re making some changes to serve you better. 

NEW Extended Hours! 
Kindred’s Member Contact Centre is now available to serve you from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday

Toll-free: 1.888.672.6728 
Phone: 519.746.1010 

During the pandemic we’re encouraging only essential visits to branches from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday,* so take advantage of the extended service hours available through the Member Contact Centre. 

No matter how you reach us, you’ll always receive the same friendly and efficient service you expect from Kindred. 

* Branch hours are subject to change based on COVID-19 pandemic conditions. Please call us before visiting a branch. 


Protect Your Email, Protect Your Security

In today’s world where everything seems to be connected by the internet, your email address can be the key to your online security. If you become aware that your email has been compromised, you need to act!

Understanding how email fraud happens

If someone deliberately ‘stole’ your email address, it may have been scooped from a database where you’ve shopped, a ‘contact us’ form you completed, an email you sent, or many more places online.

Clicking links in emails disguised to look like they’re from a legitimate sender is one common way for fraudsters to hack your account. Open it up, click the link as prompted, and the fraudster is given the keys to your computer, so to speak. In addition, malware can be downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge, running programs that steal your personal information.

Signs your email has been compromised

  • Password reset notifications that were not prompted by you.
  • Changes to your email ‘rule’ for automatically forwarding messages: hackers can change this so your new passwords are passed on to the fraudster.
  • Sent emails to your contact list that you didn’t initiate. Alert your contacts to watch for spam messages.

What’s the risk?

With your personal information at hand, hackers may be able to access shopping websites and credit card details. They may also be able to gain control of platforms such as Kindred’s online banking, which puts you at risk for fraudulent e-transfers or bill payments. This also presents a risk to your credit union.

What to do now?

If your email has been hacked, you can take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Change your email password to a new strong password, something unique and complex, not at all similar to previous passwords.
  • Change passwords on all online accounts with sensitive information, such as bank accounts, investments, and credit cards. Keep a list of all such accounts so you have easy access when you need to act quickly.
  • Ask a professional to check your computer or device for malware and ensure antivirus software is up-to-date. 


Council of Members Seeking Volunteers

Kindred’s Council of Members is a committee of member volunteers with representation from all eight Kindred branches, which meets once or twice each year. The Council’s primary responsibility is seeking volunteers for governance roles on the Board of Directors.

We’re currently seeking candidates to fill vacancies on the Council of Members. If you’re interested in serving on the Council, please speak with your local branch manager or current Council representative. 


Let us know what you think about Share Newsletter!

We work hard to create value in everything we do for members, whether that’s creating comfortable branches, developing new products, or crafting effective communications that provide you with information you need to know. Kindred is also committed to being good stewards of our finances. 

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