There are some words that are more loaded with meaning than others. Wealth is one of those words. For some, the term conjures ideas of riches and a carefree lifestyle. Others may instead use the term to acknowledge an abundance of love, friendship, family, food, or security. 

In contrast, some people may believe financial wealth is not a healthy aspiration and can be an impediment to living a faithful life. In fact, many of our members wrestle with questions like: How much is enough? Who is our money really for? How can we employ the idea of mutual aid to help others in need?

Here at Kindred, we acknowledge a range of perspectives on the concept of wealth in the values and faith communities we serve.  

We operate as a financial cooperative, a structure that was chosen by our founders as a way to extend access to financial services across our community and put mutual aid into faithful practice. The concept of stewardship continues to be a central part of Kindred’s philosophy of wealth and investing practices. We’re committed to nurturing a spirit of generosity, while helping you, our members, realize your life goals. 

In the broader financial marketplace, wealth and wealth management are terms used to describe particular activities related to financial planning and investing. Kindred has traditionally used the term investing to encompass these activities, yet we’ve found this leads to members, and potential members, not realizing that we provide many of the services commonly offered under the wealth management umbrella. 

You will see the term wealth used more often at Kindred. For instance, our financial planners and investing specialists now form the Wealth and Investment Team. We help members connect their values and faith with their finances, offering investing products such as GICs and access to mutual funds through Qtrade Advisor and Qtrade Asset Management, as well as holistic financial planning and wealth management, which offers more specific tax advice and advanced financial planning. 

Please feel free to call any of our Wealth and Investment Team members at 1.888.672.6728 to discuss your investing needs. 

Tim Fox

Tim Fox, CFP®, RIS

Director, Wealth and Investments With over 20 years in financial services, Tim combines his passion for financial literacy with his professional experience in training and coaching to support Kindred’s Financial Planning Team.